Viral TikTok Campaign



  • 3 month campaign with final launch on a 3 day weekend

  • Secured partnerships with 55 influencers with a collective follower reach of 27M

  • #ImOnMonkey displayed on For You page 

  • 6M hashtag views, 3.5M likes, 115K comments, 30K shares

  • ~550 organic videos including the organic participation of 15 verified TikTok influencers

  • CPI $0.06, new user sign ups boosted by 36% consistently across the 3 day weekend

  • DAU boosted by 33% consistently across the 3 day weekend

  • Monkey app conversation started in comments sections of videos



Boost the number of new installs with a low CPI by starting a viral TikTok challenge

Screen Shot 2020-10-22 at 4.02.31 PM.png