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The Clout Type Quiz for the Monkey App Merch Store

The intention behind creating The Clout Type Quiz was to provide users an outside-of-the-box eCommerce experience that was both interactive and multidimensional. Ultimately, it was created in order to elevate the Monkey brand in a cool and different way. The quiz served as a personality quiz of sorts to determine which of the five different designs of clout goggles best fit an individual's vibe - AKA their Clout Type. After completing the quiz, users were then led to the merch store page to complete their order of clout goggles.

Overview_ Monkey Merch Drops (1).jpg
Overview_ Monkey Merch Drops (2).jpg

To resonate with the Gen Z demographic, the quiz was designed to appear in iMessage format and included relevant technological and cultural references. This included the way the questions were worded (chill and casual gen z slang), to the visuals selected (Gifs, streetwear brands, sneaker culture, faux WiFi pop up, and faux AirDrop alert) and their motion effects (floating, bouncing, echo effect, expanding, shrinking) and even the auditory effects (low key sound effects, high key sound effects, playing specific clips of trending songs at specific and corresponding times) that were displayed.


Each screen included some combination of a visual, technical, motion, or audio effect to provide a multilayered, dynamic, and engaging experience. For example:


  1. Upon getting to screen 6, users suddenly heard Drake’s “out like a light” portion of Travis Scott’s Sicko Mode, serving as a witty reference to the vibe of the Gifs and adding another dimension to their experience, beyond just visual.

  2. Upon getting to screen 8, users suddenly heard Meek Mill’s Going Bad featuring Drake, and they had to accept or reject the faux AirDrop of the shared beat.

  3. Upon getting to screen 9, instead of using words to explain their Clout Type result, the results were given via a full screen visual and motion effect, in which a png image of their assigned pair of Clout Goggles multiplied across the screen, similar to the iMessage “Echo” text effect.

  4. Upon getting to screen 10, instead of using only words to explain their Clout Type result, Users were then shown a custom moodboard for their Clout Type to share on their Instagram and Snap story, before being redirected back to their merch store to complete their order.

While the actual technical coding was outsourced to a team, I spearheaded the entirety of the creative side, starting with identifying and defining the five different Clout Types via Gen Z social, psychological and cultural analysis, designing the quiz logic and flow, everything to do with the entire creative concept of each screen the users would see, designing and creative directing the clout goggles and the rest of the merch, and the social and influencer marketing strategy and campaigns for every drop.

Every moment of the quiz was created with incredible intention in order to create an all-encompassing virtual environment and experience that was unlike anything else. This was one of my absolute favorite creative projects I’ve worked on so far and I really enjoyed seeing it come to life.

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